Poised to shift paradigms, Saniia is a full-service independent branding, design, marketing, advertising, and innovation company.

Hire our marketing services to sharpen your competitive edge with a global perspective, local insights, diasporic experience, and cultural intelligence.

What we do

We work as a full-service branding consultancy and production laboratory developing brands, media, and technology for brands to use for interacting with their audiences. Our agency combines research, design, and advertising operations into one studio to create innovative marketing infrastructure, processes, and methodologies.


We research, plan, and develop branding, social and communications strategies for leading names and emerging contenders.


We budget, build teams, deploy strategies and produce media to achieve specified results. After the work is done, we can stay on as your interim media production unit, or as consultants.


We consult with our partners to scale their efforts, improve their processes, or execute work as their integrated marketing and innovation department. Think of us as virtual CMOs and on-call project managers.


As our partners and their operations grow, we assist their plans for the next steps, by scoping, vetting, and sourcing exceptional talent to take over the project and continue their journeys on their own.



Brand identity
Brand strategy
Inbound marketing
Editorial and Advertising


Marketing operations
Digital infrastructure
Campaign management
Content production



Graphic & UX/UI design
Art direction
Web design


Performance marketing
User acquisition
Conversion optimization
Market research

Client Archive

Gwan Chow Hair

Gwan Chow, a Dallas-based hairdresser known for her expertise in haircuts and education, and a client of ours. With over a decade in the hair industry, Gwan's passion is reflected in her personalized and elegant hair creations, tailored to each client's unique style. She maintains a calm and approachable teaching style, favored by clients and students alike. Gwan collaborates with notable creatives and offers her services at HAIR+INDUSTRY in Dallas and quarterly at Hairstory in New York City.

AC Hampton

AC Hampton is a well-rounded entrepreneur and macro influencer, internationally recognized for his expertise in e-commerce. He is the driving force behind Supreme Ecom, where he mentors entrepreneurs in creating and scaling profitable dropshipping businesses. Hampton is known for his comprehensive approach, blending personalized training with strategic insights to help clients achieve financial independence through online sales. His global influence extends through his role as a mentor and leader in the e-commerce community.


YogaZama, nestled by Turtle Creek Park in Dallas, is a sanctuary dedicated to yoga and healing. Under the guidance of therapist and yogi Ali Haji, the studio offers a diverse range of practices tailored to meet individual energetic needs. YogaZama is founded on the belief that everyone possesses an inner healing intelligence that can flourish in the right environment. The studio emphasizes authenticity and safety, making it an affirming and accessible space for all individuals seeking growth and wellness.


NIUCOCO, specializing in premium hair care products, is distinguished for its use of high-quality, natural ingredients, particularly its signature cold-pressed coconut oil. Their range, designed to cater to diverse hair types, is celebrated for its ability to nourish and rejuvenate hair, enhancing both its health and appearance. NIUCOCO's commitment to combining luxury with effectiveness has made it a favored choice for those seeking superior hair care solutions. This dedication to excellence and natural ingredients is central to its growing reputation in the beauty industry.

Levesque Studio

Located in Toronto, Michelle Levesque Studio is an exclusive, appointment-only hairdressing destination, known for its bespoke and high-quality hair services in a refined and private setting. This studio prides itself on its personalized approach, offering clients customized and attentive hair care, exemplifying elegance and individualized service in the realm of hairdressing.

Jax Irwin

Jax Irwin, a Toronto-based media and digital host, is known for her vibrant approach to projects, infusing them with a unique blend of heart and humor. Whether she's engaging in city-wide costume events, leading innovative TikTok tours, or discussing pop culture on air, Jax's dynamic style shines through. Her presence on Canadian radio, providing entertainment updates and interviewing major music figures, has made her a recognizable voice nationwide. Additionally, as a proud member and advocate of the LGBTQ2S+ community, Jax leverages her platforms to highlight important social issues, both locally and beyond.

Olive Burger

Olive Burger, known for its premium halal cuisine, operates four growing locations. It's celebrated for offering the finest meats and exceptional burgers, catering to discerning tastes. Olive Burger combines meticulous attention to detail with impeccable customer service, ensuring a luxurious dining experience in each of its establishments. This commitment to quality and excellence defines its growing success in the food industry.


HERcurls is an eco-friendly salon focused on enhancing and empowering your natural identity.

America Medic & Science

America Medic & Science AMS is an American nutraceutical company established in 2007 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. We manufacture and distribute high quality, organic natural products and dietary supplements for all individuals and age groups.

Saint Hoax

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Syrian artist, satirist and socio-political activist. He uses various mediums (including oil painting, lenticular printing and digital printing) to subversively depict political and popular figures. He's also known for taking Disney characters out of context and using them for social awareness.

Vogue Arabia

Vogue Arabia is the Arab edition of Vogue magazine. Arabian fashion news, fashion trends, Arabian model interviews, and Arabian beauty trends in the Middle East, and globally brought to you.


New York Fashion Week is a semi-annual series of events when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press, and the general public.

Mariana Wehbe Public Relations

Founded in 2013, Mariana Wehbe Public Relations is a full-service PR agency that delivers standards of a global firm driven by personalized commitment from inception to execution.

Red Bull

Vitalizes Body and Mind. Red Bull is appreciated worldwide by top athletes, busy professionals, college students and travelers on long journeys.d


Siia cosmetics was founded by a diverse team with very different background with a mission to bring the highest-quality, prestige cosmetics to the greatest number of people possible.


Überhaus is one of the best underground clubs in Beirut since 2012. Sporting Dynacord speakers all through the venue, the electronic music played by international and national DJs is a treat to hear. Enhancing its clubbing experience is the top- notch lighting system. Groove till wee into the morning or till your feet stop.

The Gärten

The Gärten is Beirut’s premiere electronic music venue. The outdoor space is dominated by its one-of-a-kind pyramid structure and has been featured in numerous global publications. The venue hosts a variety of the world's top electronic acts and can hold up to 4,000 clubbers a night. The Gärten hosts its DiscoBanana Nights on Wednesdays; 808, a tribute to Hip Hop on Fridays; and its electronic night by überhaus on Saturdays.

Off & On

Off & On the barbershop, that has Beirut’s best kept secret. It's both a barbershop and a club.


F45 Training is a global fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results-driven.s

Sip Beirut

SIP, a specialty coffee shop, opened its first branch in Gemmayzeh in October 2017. Serving the best quality specialty coffee, in a positive environment that is welcoming for people from all backgrounds and interests.